Wilson | Ishii

March 6 – 29, ArtXchange Gallery presents bodies of work by Carletta Carrington Wilson and Yuko Ishii, who each use layering, found objects, and mixed media to examine deep aspects of human experience, emotion, and history.

Yuko Ishii presents Alchemy, a series of mixed media works containing secret doors, organic materials, found objects, and Ishii’s evocative photography. “I am very fascinated with the idea of secret,” writes Ishii. “A wooden box with shut doors I create is one of the sacred secrets. I encourage the viewer to touch and feel my work directly by opening and closing the doors of the box. With interaction something unknown begins to develop gradually and expresses many different narratives to each viewer’s imagination. Through an extraordinary journey of encounter and discovery, my work is meant to come to life not only in my mind, but also in the viewer’s mind. I believe art can work magic with one’s mind, heart and soul, and provides an inner transformation. It really makes the impossible possible.”

Carletta Carrington Wilson presents Unchain My Heart, a collection of artwork drawing on themes of memory, African American history and experience, and the bonds that chain or free the heart. Through layers of fabric, thread, found materials, and text, visual artist and poet Wilson presents a body of work exploring an unlikely linkage between land, enslavement, language and love. “Actual and metaphorical chains run through the works in the show Unchain My Heart,” the artist writes. “At heart, is the concept of being linked by love and loss. Toss in the extra limb. Tether one to another. Oh, held, to be held close, close so close, held at a distance, claimed by a chain.”

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