Deborah Kapoor | Due Belle Voci

ArtXchange Gallery presents, Due Belle Voci, a new exhibition of encaustic and mixed-media sculpture by Deborah Kapoor. At a time when we are physically separated, Kapoor’s series presents an intimate portrait of a family as seen through her role as a daughter, mother, and caretaker. Drawing strongly from Kapoor’s recent experiences caring for her ailing mother and raising a bi-cultural teenager, as well as sibling and other relationships, an intricate matrix of connections is formed. The title, which translates to two beautiful voices in Italian, references the exhibition’s underlying themes of music and family connection.


Kapoor’s work blends unconventional uses of encaustic (wax), found materials such as flowers and family garments, and mixed media including latex, acrylic, and video projection. The artworks, which often hover in the balance between strength and fragility, evoke the alternating tenderness and tension that is inherent in all manner of relationships - daughter to one, mother to another – and how those relationships shift and change over time.


Deborah Kapoor has gained international recognition in the encaustic community for her innovative use of encaustic wax as a sculptural medium. Often used as a painting medium, encaustic wax becomes a method of connection in Kapoor’s work, linking a wide variety of media through dipping, immersing, painting, and printing. Kapoor creates organic objects and installations inspired by universal themes — the body, motherhood, home, spirituality, nature, and aging. “Thinking in terms of visual poems,” writes Kapoor in her artist statement, “I look to distill what is profound about being human.”


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Watch ArtXchange Gallery's Due Belle Voci video series, featuring in-depth explorations of the artwork with Deborah Kapoor. 

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