GLOW: A Winter Showcase



This winter, ArtXchange Gallery presents Glow, a celebration of all things warm, textural and cozy. In this season of staying home, we find a new appreciation for our intimate environments. Highlighted in this exhibition are artworks that bring energy to your personal space, from delightful color to meditative abstraction.


Featured artist Elaine Hanowell presents a series of new, one-of-a-kind artworks, illuminating the gallery with stamped and painted ceiling lanterns, layered paper Spirit Houses, and functional lighted sculptures. Three unique collaborative artworks, the Gold River series, combine Hanowell's carved wood with intricate basketry by Vashon Island artist Margaret Smith. Hanowell's wood bases are carved from single pieces of precious teak wood, contrasted with Smith's textural weavings from native materials of the Pacific Northwest, including grasses, lichen and salmon skin.


The centerpiece of Hanowell’s new works in the Glow exhibition is an illuminated sculpture entitled Saffron Festival Koi. In this piece, Hanowell merges her signature paper fish lantern, in a larger size, with a hand-carved teak base to create a unique iteration of her beloved series.


Also featured in this exhibition is the work of gallery artists Chin Yuen, Hoang Phong, Tiao Nithakhong Somsanith, Marcio Diaz, William Song, Yuko Ishii, Alan Lau, Lauren Iida, Deborah Kapoor, Joan Wortis, and June Sekiguchi.