Marcio Diaz

Marcio Diaz

After moving from his home in Estelí, Nicaragua, Marcio Díaz was inspired by the depth of color he saw in the rain-soaked landscape of the Pacific Northwest. His early work was primarily rural scenes infused with warm color and a hint of surreal mystery. Now viewing the world through drops of rain, Díaz began to experiment with abstract painting to express the deeper, richer tones he found in the landscapes of Washington State. Díaz continues to use a variety of techniques in his work, capturing light, color, and emotion through brushstrokes and layering.

Marcio Díaz has achieved wide recognition in his twenty-plus years as a painter. In Nicaragua he won several national art awards, received recognition from the Ministry for the Cultural Advancement, and hosted his own art television show. In the United States he has exhibited on the west coast, as well as in Scottsdale and New York City. Díaz returns to Nicaragua every year to exhibit his work, teach art classes, and aspires to open an art school for youth.

"His painting method is a bright-hued variation on the pointillism of Seurat, building an image from vibrant circles of color... The tensions between shimmer and almost-solid objects are exquisite." - Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times


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