HiiH Lights


HiiH Lights
"HiiH — pronounced "Hi Hi" — brings together the function of light, the craft of paper, and the art of sculpture. Lâm Quảng, originally from Vietnam, began making his own paper in the late 1990s. He soon turned his skills toward the creation of sculptural lamp forms, inspired by childhood memories of moon festivals. In time, Lâm's papermaking skills reached a level of refinement allowing tremendous creative freedom. In 1998 he opened HiiH Gallery in the Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregon. Kestrel Gates joined Lâm in 2004, drawing on her background in the performing arts to enrich the design and creation of HiiH's lamp forms. "We are a husband-wife team who work collaboratively from concept and design through to the creation of our paper light sculptures, continually inspiring one another into further exploration. Beginning with natural raw materials, we employ both traditional and self-taught techniques. The rhythms of papermaking, wire bending, and papering, painting and waxing shape our days and weeks. For us, this work feels both functional and expressive. We consider how the light will affect the feeling and usage of a space. We are deeply inspired by the natural world to invoke the cycles of new growth, of silence and fruition that we see and feel in our lives. Through our work, we hope to enhance these elements in other people's lives."