Australian Aboriginal Artists

ArtXchange Gallery and Ann Snell art consultant (Sydney, Australia) present a diverse collection of paintings by indigenous Australian painters. Our collaboration brings an exciting range of Aboriginal artists to Seattle, from established masters exhibited in Seattle Art Museum’s Ancestral Modern, to the next generation of emerging indigenous artists, including the internationally renowned King Sisters.

Utilizing contemporary mediums, these artists adapt visual languages that have evolved over centuries. The paintings appear abstract, but they are brimming with mythology, landscape and ancestral knowledge. Each painting is a connection to the living history of Aboriginal Australian culture. Ann Snell is a founding member of the Indigenous Art Code, a guideline for Australian and international art dealers that ensures fair trade with Aboriginal artists and gives collectors the knowledge that their artwork has been obtained through ethical processes. “Ann’s depth of knowledge and support for the artists she represents is true to the spirit of ArtXchange Gallery,” says ArtXchange Gallery Director Cora Edmonds. “When exhibiting the works of artists from overseas, ArtXchange Gallery aims to reflect the intention of the artist and to tell the story of their art. Ann has given Seattle a valuable connection to some of Australia’s most accomplished Aboriginal artists.”

Aboriginal painting captivates viewers around the world with its strong, rhythmic aesthetics. Much like Aboriginal culture today, history merges with the present and future, and the ancient becomes contemporary.


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