Australian Aboriginal Artists

Tjukurla (My Country) - Tali , 2013
Synthetic polymer on linen
47.50 x 12 in (120.65 x 30.48 cm)
Artist: Patricia Napanangka Jackson

Patricia Napanangka Jackson is an emerging artist from the Western Desert region. She is a young Pintupi woman from a family of artists, granddaughter to Walangkura Napanangka, a famous Papunya Tula artist. Patricia began her painting career by assisting her grandmother Walangkura with the background dotting on paintings. Walangkurra taught Patricia and her sisters how to paint their stories, traditional layering of designs derived from sand paintings, and how to paint with a loaded brush melting the dots together. Patricia paints the traditional stories of her country in a contemporary and vibrant style of bold linear designs, circles and fine dot work. Her unique style often features designs in strong, hot colours, often in simplified geometrical style. The subject depicted is her country, Tjukula. Landforms such as rock-holes, rocky outcrops and Talli, or sand hills, are recurring features in her work. In this duo of paintings, her designs depict Talli (sand hills) in her recognizable style.

Tjukurla (My Country) - Tali by Australian Aboriginal Artists

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