Hiba Jameel

Time Travel in Mahjar, 2018
Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
48 x 60 in (121.92 x 152.40 cm)
"I am a self-taught painter who identifies as a multidisciplinary artist. I paint, program, and lead community-based interactive art events. I enjoy involving the public in art making as it elevates our culture and introduces a novel dialogue especially when it is discussing controversial topics. At the age of 8, life forced me to explore the idea of hope through pain and fear. I found it by making sculptures using shrapnel I found on the streets of Baghdad near my house. Throughout my childhood and well into my adolescence I experienced a lot of disorder in the form of trauma, turmoil, fear, abandonment, instability, escape, terror, religious and traditional restrictions, cancer, death, and grief. Despite all of this, as an adult, I arrived to some form of peace and order. I demonstrate this concept by deconstructing the traditional rules of painting and by creating order from disorder."
Time Travel in Mahjar by Hiba Jameel