Hawo Ali

The Lion and the Bull, 2016
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
48 x 60 in (121.92 x 152.40 cm)
"The painting is about the immigrant experience. At the very top there are two abstract figures. One is the lion which represents all the evils and obstacles that stand the in the way of immigrants and refugees. On the other hand the bull represents the protectors and defenders of immigrants and refugees. The lion and the bull are facing each other about to leap into battle. Underneath them is a boat filled with blooming flowers that represent the American Dream and all that it promises. On the left side of the boat is a blue area (like the ocean) which is the life immigrants and refugees leave behind, and on the right side is a green area (like grass fields) which the new life they’ll have in America. The bottom of the painting is filled with brushstrokes in a multitude of colors and shades for all of the immigrants and refugees who have made America their home now. I painted this piece to tell mine and so many others’ story as immigrants and refugees."
The Lion and the Bull by Hawo Ali
The Lion and the Bull by Hawo Ali

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