MiYoung Margolis

The Hourglass, 2015
Mixed media
48 x 36 in (121.92 x 91.44 cm)
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MiYoung Margolis' sculptural mixed-media paintings utilize a complex palate of texture and color to convey female emotions to the viewer. Her work is inspired by her life experiences, with different series telling her story and providing an unfiltered view into her psyche. She was recognized as a semi-finalist in the Bombay Sapphire Artisan 2016 national competition with the piece ‘The Beautiful Jane, Dancer’ from the Jane Collection. This same artwork was featured at the Tacoma Art Museum in 2016. Her work was also recently invited to the 2018 Seoul International Hotel Arts Fair, including her mixed media, fashion and performance art.
The Hourglass by MiYoung Margolis
The Hourglass by MiYoung Margolis

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