Australian Aboriginal Artists

Tali (Sand Hills)
Synthetic polymer on linen
51 x 37 in (129.54 x 93.98 cm)
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About the Artist: Yakari Napaltjarri was born in the bush near Kiwirrikurra in Western Australia (700km west of Alice Spings) and is a member of the Pintupi people. She came out of the desert with her family in the early 1960’s. They lived at Papunya for many years before returning to Kiwirrikurra when the community was built. Yakari’s 'Tali (Sand Dunes') are composed in a maplike format. The long lines across the canvas depict the peaks and valleys of the sand dunes. The traditional layering method is derived from Pintipi sand painting.
Tali (Sand Hills) by Australian Aboriginal Artists

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