Channy Chhoeun

Stand in the Mask, 2020
Acrylic on canvas
19.50 x 33.50 in (49.53 x 85.09 cm)
Dramatic performances of Ramayana history using a Rama mask were popular in Cambodia in the 1940s. Khmer people joyfully supported arts until the Khmer Rouge era in the mid to late 1970s when artists and intellectuals were killed. A few artists survived, maintaining arts, culture and tradition. A few young people in the 80’s started to show interest again in arts and the theater mask performances. Gradually, technology captured their attention and youth became more interested in smartphones than art. Sadly, most youth today are not even familiar with the history and meaning of the dramatic performances using Rama masks.
Stand in the Mask by Channy Chhoeun

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