Tatiana Garmendia

Spilled Milk (Justice for All), 2017
Oil on polyester film
24 x 16 in (60.96 x 40.64 cm)
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"The proverb “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” admonishes us to stop worrying about things of the past that can’t be changed. But what do we do if the problems of the past persist into today? Justice is not equally parceled out to everyone. The search for a fair society drives many immigrants to exchange one shore for another. The empty glass and uprooted plants suggest that things may not be as easy as dropping one flag and picking up another. Linguistic differences and contrasting customs, in addition to differing racial, religious, and ethnic identities may forever keep immigrants and PoC on the peripheries of their new homelands."
Spilled Milk (Justice for All) by Tatiana Garmendia

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