Kamla Kakaria

Lotus IV, 2019
Beeswax, pigment, and paper on wood
20 x 20 in (50.80 x 50.80 cm)
Kamla Kakaria is acknowledging and embracing her cultural heritage. Growing up as a first generation East Indian American she was exposed to so much beauty of color and form in India and in her home. Being a first generation American she struggled to find her own voice and vocabulary that reflected not only being Indian but also being American. She observed many white Americans appropriating Indian culture and in a way made it hard for her to embrace her own Indianess. It is clear that the work she has done all her life was influenced by the beauty of Indian culture. The weddings, the festivals, the homes, the markets all have a unique beauty that has impacted her artwork and identity in more ways than she had realized. Today she is able to embrace her Indianess, which this work celebrates.
Lotus IV by Kamla Kakaria

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