Chau Huynh

Land Dragon (The Land Dragon), 2019
Collage with ink and newspaper on canvas
24 x 13 in (60.96 x 33.02 cm)
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'"The Land Dragon" series is a personal journey to explore unspoken, hidden and invisible but resilient stories that are based on my own experiences and observations of the Vietnamese community throughout modernization, globalization and urbanization both in Vietnam and in US. Collaging with newspaper has always been my preferred art material. I grew up having newspapers as not only a source of information, but serving as entertainment as well as many other purposes around the house. We grew up poor; newspaper always reminds me of our humble roots. I have been working for the last seven years on small hand-made books and large-scale collages using newspapers as my primary material to conceptualize and visualize my intention to understand past experiences from my life in Vietnam. Additionally, drawing with ink on top of the newspaper background allows me record meanings and experiences as immigrant artist who lives in the America. The ink lines construct grids and maps organically responding to how I feel about the fast pace of life here in the US compared to my past back in Vietnam. We adopted the life here. We work hard to build a new home here. We study hard to look for a better future. We continue to honor our past and our roots as Vietnamese thought culture and language."
Land Dragon (The Land Dragon) by Chau Huynh

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