Tatiana Garmendia

Cuba Libre (Little Lie) , 2017
Oil on polyester film
24 x 18 in (60.96 x 45.72 cm)
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"The rum and Coke cocktail of the painting’s title serves as a libation/meditation on political rhetoric and bureaucratic praxis, exploring ideas of national identity and promises of liberty and justice. On many fronts the Cuban Revolution brought social justice to a people hungry for liberation from corruption and inequalities. Cuba’s free education and universal health insurance are lauded for their achievements. But political oppression persists, as does the poverty of a collapsed economic system. Similarly, in the USA, the promises of freedom and economic opportunity are not equally afforded to all, despite the promises of The Bill of Rights. Here the empty glass and uprooted plant become surrogates for the gaps in cultural agency experienced by outsiders in both lands."
Cuba Libre (Little Lie) by Tatiana Garmendia

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