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Elaine Hanowell creates new commission for the Dahlia Lounge


Seattle’s celebrated restaurant, the Dahlia Lounge, kicked off their anniversary in 2016 with a revamped interior featuring ten brand new lighted fish by ArtXchange Gallery artist Elaine Hanowell.

Elaine Hanowell’s fish have been a signature part of the popular restaurant since 1989, when restaurateur Tom Douglas commissioned Hanowell to create a series of custom fish lamps for his new space.

For the 2016 commission of new work, Elaine Hanowell created a new sculptural form in honor of the Dahlia Lounge – the iconic fish of the Pacific Northwest, the Salmon. Elaine’s new Salmon shape is swimming now at ArtXchange Gallery for all her fish fans. Contact us for information.

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During the restaurant’s 2016 anniversary celebration, Tom Douglas gave Elaine special thanks for being with the Dahlia Lounge since the beginning of the journey. Check out some photos from the new space and anniversary party at Dahlia Lounge!










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